Just find a cell phone or smartphone that fits into your life’s demands and budget.
USphone will be able to provide you with additional and precise information and answer all your questions. This will aid you in choosing what cell phone and cell service is appropriate for you.

Find your best rate possible by comparing all cell phone plans and choosing the one that suits you best. USphone gives you the choice for the best. Basically we distinguish between different categories:

  • SIM only plans (without hardware subvention)
  • Plans including hardware subvention
  • Special plans without minimum term
  • Prepaid plans

Get high speed internet access up to 45Mbps & unlimited home phone service for one low price. Special: DSL-package including unlimited calls to US landlines.

You can check and order your DSL connection wherever you live in Germany.

A simple way to connect to the web.
With our data cards you’re online in seconds. Ready to read and reply to email and browse the web. You get fast, reliable mobile broadband, rapid downloads – and the freedom to be online away from your desk.
Special Offer:
Laptop Stick for free! You save €49*

*available exclusively to customers activating a line of service with a two (2) year active data contract.

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